moba in the pinoy context

If you’ve ever played a MOBA before (and I’m sure you have, you played Mobile Legends or LoL or DotA at some point) you have an idea of the roles played in a classic MOBA. These are:

  • The Tank
  • The Carry
  • The Mid-Laner
  • The Jungler
  • The Support

Quick background on what they all do:

  • Tank
    • character with high HP and defense, takes damage like a boss, rushes into the fray to start off the fight
  • Carry
    • High raw damage output, insane attack speed. Working mantra: “KILL KILL KILL”
  • Mid-Laner
    • Crowd-control, technical player, high magic damage, usually fucks tanks up real bad
  • Jungler
    • Sneaky bastard who sneaks up on unsuspecting characters for an ambush, usually missing during teamfights because he gotta get dem last hits
  • Support
    • Wait, we had another player this whole time?

I’ve played my fair share of MOBAs. To be honest, never really been that good at it. I usually play support in these types of games, because I’m more of a “stay in the rear, keep em alive and kicking” kind of player. Support is fun, but it’s a thankless job, especially where Pinoy gamers are concerned.

See, I’ve only ever played in servers with lots of Filipinos. What I’ve seen in how my countrymen play is going to be my guide in writing this short little post. To give you a background: have you ever been inside a computer shop? No, not Mineski (although it has its fair share of Pinoy gamers as well iykwim) but a real-life kanto computer shop, where your only source of ventilation in a cramped studio-type space with around 20 computers and an irate cashier is a single ceiling fan, and you are surrounded by overheating PCs, 12-year-olds who throw around cusswords like they were candies from the palayok, and everyone complains whenever some hapless kid wants to watch something on YouTube. Ma-lag kasi.

From my experience playing MOBAs with fellow Pinoys, I’ve found the following to be true:

  • What is teamwork?
    • In most matches (solo queue, usually, but ranked games and stuff are REALLY salty as well) with Pinoy gamers, you have to realize that everyone thinks that this is a numbers game. Strategy is reduced to playing the same old tactics (farm, stay away from the tower, poke, hide in the jungle, wait for the jungler, push, repeat) and you don’t see much coordination. Team clashes rarely happen 5v5, you usually see clashes happening 5v1, 3v5, things like that. Coordination is not in our blood, as it seems. And situational awareness – no one looks at the fucking minimap, so you could be pinging danger in your corner because you just saw the whole fucking enemy team pop from the fog of war, and no one would care. I mean. It’s your funeral.
  • Everyone wants to play the carry
    • In team selection, the first guy to pick usually picks carry. I mean, everyone wants to be the killer, right? Malaki titi mo pag mataas kills mo eh. And everyone would choose the same fucking carry character everytime (fucking Teemo fucking Teemo FUCKING TEEMO) and someone ELSE would play another carry and in the end, you’ll have a team with one tank, one support, and three carry characters… ugh. You can all guess how that worked out.
  • The jungler is too busy farming, save your own ass
    • The jungler’s main role is to scout, establish map vision, support the laners in any way possible, distract the enemy jungler, steal enemy jungle monsters… basically, the jungler is the spec-ops team. But not with Pinoys, no. Junglers steal your carry’s / mid-laner’s creeps, the reason being “wala akong creeps na mapatay, penge naman” or “sorry nagiipon ako pang itemz lol.” Pinoy junglers are also very, very situationally unaware (at least from my experience.) Most junglers I play with main carry (big surprise) and are usually caught by surprise whenever they get ganked by the enemy team, because they overreach and end up way too deep in the enemy base, with none of their towers down. Good job, jungler!
  • S A L T Y
    • I don’t even have to explain this. I’m part of a PTSD group for people who played MOBAs with Pinoys, hit me up for the next session.
    • As I recall, it is now part of the meta game for everybody to pitch in with vision. But no. It’s the support’s job. (Looking at you, jungler.) The support barely gets any gold to begin with because they can’t steal creeps from their carry, but they also have to budget their money to buy wards to keep vision on the map. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH GOLD THAT TAKES?! In the end, all the support could afford is a speed-boosting item, and a +mana item (if they’re lucky.) Everything else went to vision. Fuck this.

Main reason why I quit MOBAs is because Filipinos are such hard gamers to play with. They take a lot of the fun out of the games I play. Not being racist here against my own race – I just fucking hate playing with most of my countrymen. And with the reasons stated above, who could blame me?


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